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Retirement changes your life from one day to another.  It means more time with your family, hobbies, traveling and even experimenting news things.

To maintain your current lifestyle during retirement, it is recommended that you have available 70% to 90% of your current income.  Basically you spend so much time working, that you forget to plan for when you won’t have to.  That is why you need to take action NOW!

There are two major factors to consider in order to accomplish your goals for retirement. 1) Save as much as you can regularly; 2) Begin to save for retirement as earliest as possible. That is why you need to consider several things:

  1. What is your retirement age magic number? If you retire early, you would need more money to get you trough those magical years.
  2. Are you okay changing your lifestyle during retirement or do you want to maintain the same lifestyle?
  3. Does my current investment performance get me enough long-term growth to get me to retirement?
  4. How much of my retirement savings will I be accessing during retirement? This will guide you whether you can live from investment earnings or access the principal.

One major factor that you need to consider for retirement is inflation.  Based on several data, inflation over a 30-year period could be from to 2.5% to 3.5%.  This is a very important factor based on your current age.

Why participate in your employer retirement plan

The major advantage of participating in your employer retirement plan is tax deferral.  This means that you will be saving with money that has not paid taxes.  This will help you lower your tax obligation dollar for dollar based on your contribution and pay taxes later when your tax bracket should be lower.

Basically, you will need to pay less taxes!

For example: If you earn $30,000 per year and contribute $10,000 to your retirement plan.  You will pay taxes on $20,000 ($30,000-$10,000) instead of $30,000.

Several things to consider to get started

  1. How much you need for retirement and how long will you need it to last. This will give you a ballpark of how much you need to save monthly.
  2. After knowing the monthly savings needed, create a savings account and an investment strategy.  Maximize tax qualified accounts first and then any other.  
  3. Consult with your financial advisor different investment strategies based on your risk tolerance and long term goals.


How can we help you in 3 simple steps?

1) Identify your needs 

Starting with a single dialogue, we listen carefully. We establish a clear and comprehensive definition of what are you looking for.

2) Explore alternatives 

With highly trained professionals in a variety of financial disciplines and concepts. We strategize the most suitable and individually design plan for you.

3) Recommend best strategies for you

At this point we discuss the strategy most suitable for your needs.  Now you are ready to take action on your financial plans and pursuit of your goals.

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